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Visiter Bali

When i follow my heart, i woke up in Bali - unknown

Everytime i fly back east to my hometown, Bali would be the meeting point where my family would take a break - to gather and to reunite, catching up with thousand miles, days, weeks and months that seperate us.


This part of voyage is personal to me, you will see my choice of hotels, itinerary that i do with my family and friends and of course, treasures boheme hunting in Bali (this would be the part i love the most)

One thing that i can assure you is i have returned to bali each year for 5 years in a row and it never bores me. The island has amazing different landscapes : mountain, rain forest, paradisiac beaches (and crowded touristy beaches too), cascade, mangrove forest. It also has beautiful preserved culture (you will lost count on how many temples and ceremonies they are !). Last but not the least,balinese hands are gifted that they create amazing craft. You can find almost everything here : textile, woven accessories, paintings, sculptures, jewelries,..

Another fun fact that i always love to share is why there is no skyscrapers in Bali. If you've been travelling to Indonesia, you might have stopped by Jakarta. Jakarta has a lot of tall buildings. Bali, being an hour and forty minutes flight away from Jakarta, has the same facilities and access and quality of services (banks, hotels, restaurants,hospitals, etc)  yet very different infrastructure. This is all due to the hindu beliefs. I have been told that no building can go higher than the temples.


I hope you will enjoy this chapter as much as i do.







Chasing Bohème

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