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Drive german, wear italian, drink scotch, kiss french.

This phrase has catched my attention.

It describes how Europe is rich in diversity and complete one another at the same time.

Coming from Indonesia, having an opportunity to live my adult life in one of the European countries is a chance and a blessing that not everyone back home can taste. Thanks to the tax system and to the taxpayers,  i too, can enjoy an almost free education, benefit the health system, housed in an affordable student house back then.

Thanks to Europe, i'm becoming richer in culture. I'm glad to meet friends and colleagues from all over France, Madrid, Warsaw, Bosnia, Ukraine, Italy, Moscow, St Petersburg and so on.. we exchange about each other culture and history and that is one thing that you can't have when staying back at home.  

Being here is a great opportunity.

And that is why i am grateful for every European summer and chance i got to explore the neighborhood. 

Follow my trips here and there, few tips and let me know if you've been to one of these cities !

lavender champ France

Chasing Bohème

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