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When did you do something for the first time?

Visiting Bavaria is somewhat a part of year 2019 that leaves a mark to me. Germany, unlike many other European countries that i visited or would love to visit, was never attracts me. Until my brother came with his family to live there for a month. 

During a long weekend, i was in awe with the Bavarian landscape. Not only they have a well preserved old town of Munich, the villages that surround it are surreal. It was for the first time when we drove our car, we saw a paysage that is so beautiful, it looks like coming out from a painitng. It was for the first time we saw a lake so clear, clear as blue you want to jump on it. It was for the first time we entered a cloud and took a cable car to reach the mountain's peak that our heart beat everytime the cable car is moving. It was for the first time that we played snow ball during summer. 

There were a lots of firsts.. and i smile as i re-write each of the experiences. 

Bavaria is known as the beautiful part of Germany, but you have to see it yourself to understand. You have to breath the air yourself to feel what were written...


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