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Kalimera !

"Happy is the man, i thought, who, before dying,

has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea"

Summer 2017,

With Sebastien, i had that chance to sail that Aegean sea. We spent around 12 days in Greece in total. Within these 12 days, we did a couple of island hopping. We first landed in Santorini from Paris, sailed to Milos before going to Athen and catched our flight back to Paris.


I love Greece for many things. I love their food, everything tastes good and fresh.If you eat fish like i do (coming from Indonesia and spent my childhood in many remote islands, i never like red meat so much. So fish is my religion) Greece is the heaven for that. Plus, they ALWAYS offer something in house. Be it small tapas, ouzo or dessert. Then i love the "gipsy, bohemian" feeling while we were there. Although some cities are too touristics, others were often laid back. I remember how i could really hit the pause, went to empty beach in front of our air bnb, napping and repeat. I also love their architecture. Blue dome church, white wash out houses, greek pilars..and i love their history. Isn't it fascinating and curious, how this country was so big and ahead of their time back then ? Great philosophers, gods and mythys, litteratures and ideologies, architects...

So many beautiful memories captured and treasured. Like Portugal, we will for sure come back and visit another part of Greece. 



Chasing Bohème

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