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A visit to Marrakech was a great shocked to me. This city taught me colors - Yves Saint Laurent

If you're still considering if Marrakech is worth visiting over a weekend, i'd say : go buy that ticket ! 

Marrakech has plenty wonderful things to do in two days. With only 3 hours flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, the city is an ideal escapade from parisian winter. Marrakech february weather is indeed amazing, the temperature can goes up to 28'C during the day this year.

The old city itself is surrounded by pink walls that add a vintage feeling. When walking through Riads, you will find oriental tiles in all sort of colors, with green aqua as the dominant ones. Then if you have the chance to visit the famous Jardin Majorelle, the blue majorel was the main color. 

Whether you're coming to shop in the Souk, to discover a new city, to taste Moroccan food or just to relax, i am sure you will go home happy.






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