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milos island, greece : greece best kept island and why

I have only visited 2 islands and the capital of Greece. Yet i am almost certain that Milos is one of the best kept islands in Greece. 


So one of the main reasons why i love Milos is the fact that the island is not packed by tourists. There are no tourist groups coming from big cruises nor tourists buses. I can for example literally walk to beach from my airbnb and have it all by myself.  No big cruises doesn't mean poor facilities, Milos' infrastructure is great. They have great bus service during summer season that will take you to different beaches. They have well-serviced port so it's easy to navigate in and out. They have great choices of restaurants serving fresh foods. They also have few supermarkets selling essential product, car and motorbike rentals, atm machines, short anything you need to enjoy the holidays to the maximum.


 Milos is also known for its beautiful beaches with different landscapes and the underwater corals are as just lovely.It has two main port cities, equally beautiful with seaside restaurants. We stayed around 5 days in Milos and We even had a chance to go further and visit several beautiful colorful fishing villages.



1. Always allow a day to come in and go

(for example do not plan 2 voyages at the same day as the transportation between islands are not always on time)


2. There are few airports at the islands but during summer, boats are frequent, easier, and cheaper.


3. It can get windy even during summer, a sweater is always handy.


4. I stayed in Adamas in Milos. Hustle free with the luggages as the main port and boat arrives here. 

BEACh hopping IN MILOS:

sarakiniko, paleochori, agia kyriaki, Tsigrado, firiplaka...

Yes Milos has a lot of creeks and picturesque beaches. During our first day (and a couple afternoons after that) we would just head to the beach in front of our Airbnb in Adamas. The shore is long and the farther you go, the bigger it is.

milos beaches.JPG
beach milos.jpg
beach in Milos.JPG

The next day, we catched a bus and headed to TSIGRADO beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Milos but also the most uncomfortable one. I love my experience visiting Tsigrado as it was fun and adventurous. Make sure you wear good shoes,as it's a very steep way to go down the beach, for half of the way you should crawling and hold onto the rock on the right and left side. The other half is to go down a man made, super vertical ladder, and jump. The beach itself is a sauvage beach and very small. Not far away, there is another bigger beach but less fun.

tsigrado beach milos.jpg
Tsigrado beach.JPG

Another mind blowing beach in Milos is the famous SARAKINIKO beach. The landscape is covered with white greyish rocks as a result of the erosion of the volcanic rocks with wind and waves. The area is so whitey, it oftens compared to a moonscape. When we visited, it was super windy so we unfortunately didn't have the chance to swim on the creek. Nevertheless, the view was amazing.

MIlos moonbeach sarakiniko.jpg
Sarakiniko beach milos.jpg


First thing that i noticed after visiting different villages in Milos is : they love cats. Our AIRBNB owner said a lot of them is wild cat and the local sort of take care of them. Our host would prepare several bowls with cat food and they would come regularly during the day.

cat of milos.jpg
cat air bnb milos greece .jpg
cats in milos island greece.jpg
milos villages.jpg

Second thing that i noticed is the food is ALWAYS great. I have always thought Italy will always win my heart when it comes to food, well.. after visiting Greece, i am not so sure anymore. They cook really well, the olive oil tastes amazing, the salt they use is mamma mia, you can choose the fish and actually look at what kind of fish that you will eat and they love chocolate. Their chocolate dessert is always too much and too many, which my husband loves. 

Mandarakia fisherman village milos.JPG
mandrakia milos greece.jpg
mandrakia fisherman village .jpg
klima fisherman village.jpg
breakfast at airbnb milos greece.jpg
aribnb milos.jpg
adamas milos greece.jpg
adamas old city .JPG

The port and the city are stunning too. Almost like Santorini, some villages were paint in white and blue, while some other fishermen villages were paint in colorful colors..

klima villages milos.jpg
milos city center.jpg
room to let milos.JPG


On our last day before heading to Athen, we decided to hop on the most top rated boat excursion in Milos, Oneiro. I've been in so many boat charter during summer days in Europe or in Indonesia, private or mini group, that i can tell, Oneiro is definitely my top three. Everything was perfect, the captain was nice and took time to tell us stories of Milos and it creeks. The group is small group that we exchange rather an agreeable experience together.  We swam through a cave with a flashlight, grilled octopus, drank ouzo, danced and sang on the boat. It was a perfect day and added a perfect memory to Milos. 


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