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"Only miss the sun when it starts to snow, Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missing home

- Passengers



After the strict quarantine, French government allowed us to travel ONLY within 100 km from our residence. Being Parisian, it's quite challenging, the nearest beach, Deauville, would be at least 200 km from Paris. As me and Sebastien don't come from Parisian region, we don't have a parent living in a suburb with a nice house, a big garden for BBQ and a swimming pool (snif). Despite all this, we manage to escape Parisian streets for the first three weekends after the strict confinement. It's funny how i often take city and country that i live for granted. I have always look further instead of here, where my feet are. And when i do, i actually can find a little paradise not far from where i live.



la marne sur seine.JPG
la marne sur seine paris.jpg
La marne sur seine.JPG

It was hot day in Paris, beginning of summer. With less than an hour drive from Paris, we headed to Saint Maur des Fosses to enjoy La Marne. Unlike Seine river, La Marne is considered cleaner because there is no boats harboring or passing by. If you put your feet on the water, you can easily see small fishes running through your feet and the water is quite translucid that it's nice to have a little plouf :) I put this in my number one list because it's perfect for an easy getaway from Paris. A bit of nature, a bit of water sport activities (Fishing, Kayak, Stand Up Paddle, even swimming !), a bit of green, and very close to Paris. I just found this spot in summer 2019 and it's really a gem.




Fontainebleau forest is perfect for either a picnic in the middle of huge trees with literally no one around ( oui ca fait du bien parfois...) or for a long walk. The forest is so beautiful and has different landscapes​. For our part, we went there to breath a fresh air and to find a picnic spot with no one around but us, our friends and the sound of nature. It was peaceful. After that, we went for a little city tour at Barbizon. This tiny town is the home of painters between the 1820 and 1860. 

barbizon france.JPG

#3. honfleur, normandy

Ok Honfleur is definitely more than 100 km from Paris BUT i love day-tripping here. If it was closer, this city would make my number one list. Honfleur is listed as one of the most beautiful cities in France and the prettiest city in Normandy. I haven't been everywhere but this city is charming with its port, colorful houses, local's shops and its beaches. We went there for a full day trip from Paris at the end of autumn and it was a wonderful journey.

honfleur port.JPG

Normany and Brittany are surely two regions in France (close to Paris) that are worth exploring. The cities are beautiful, the natures are great and the food is as fresh as they can be. Before the lockdown i never actually realized how lucky i am to live in France with different cities to explore. I was in love with Italy, charmed with Greece and hypnotized by Portugal, not realizing that the country that i adopted has a lot to offer too.



Provins is a medieval city and one of the  Unesco World Heritage sites. The most interesting part is the fortified gates wall that surround the city center. During summer, the city organize a show for children a couple times a day, where the performers wore costumes from the medieval times. So if you have kids to entertain, this can be a fun escape. As for me, i was surprised to pass by the sunflower champs (naively thought, they are only existed in South of France)  while driving here. I also enjoyed exploring the old church, tower and castle.


Chasing Bohème

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