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5 great souvenirs to pick up in Marrakech

If you are like me, always on the look of what to buy when traveling, you will love Morocco. This country is known as heaven for instagrammers (because of the color of the city and of the tiles) and also for their artisanal work. During my university year, i spent the whole month in the east of Morocco, observing how the women work on embroidery and preserve their savoir faire for generations, how they craft wood and leather. It's all so passionating. I would definitely recommend you visiting the Berber Museum in Jardin de Majorelle where you will see an absolutely amazing collection of vintage jewelry, textiles and homewares.


My most treasured finding is These two Copper birds. I´ve been looking for these brass birds since i saw the collaboration between La petite bohème and Sezane. In Souk, you would find the simple ones at exaggerated price. If you want one, i strongly suggest to look at the copper ateliers just outside the Marrakech Souks. They usually display a big art like beetle or lamps in copper and they have smaller ones like these. They can even craft it with pattern you like in any size !



I admit i have things with everything rattan and gold brass. These traditional moroccan mirrors are so famous, you can easily spot them in Souk. I bought them at N'3 Souk Market. The owner, Nourdin is so nice. I got four of them for around 30€. They are perfect Size for my toilet room ! Do drop me a message if you want to know exactly where his booth is.



This cute rattan basket was a treasure i found in an alley near Jardin de Secret. The chef in our Riad told us they usually use this to keep bread. As for me, the size and the height is perfect to keep miscellaneous things beside our bed, such as laptop charger, night socks, earphone,..

I bought this one at a very good bargain,10€ only.



Finding good quality textiles can be tricky in Souk. if you are coming from Jardin de Secret to the heart of the Souk, you will find a shop at your left in the carrefour. That where i found my four cushion's sheets. The finishings are perfect (i bought two others from different places and honestly i can now tell the difference) and the wool are softer and thicker. For four, i paid 30 Euros, meanwhile in other place i paid 20 Euros for two. The secret is to buy everything in one place. Once you like what you see and you check the design and quality, do not hesitate to pick several and bargain the total price right away.



After a day in Spa (highly recommend !) and from my past experience having a massage in Sultane de Saba in Paris, i was in a mission of finding right beauty product in Marrakech. All along the Souk and near tourist places, i saw many shops selling argile soap but none of them tempted me. I always careful and read the label of beauty products i bought, so it was such a YAY moment when i found Naturom.


If you are in Marrakech or planning to go there and looking for souvenir ideas or what to buy in Marrakech other than magnets and keyrings :D, i hope this article will help you. There are so many other things you could pick from your trip to Marrakech, such as berber carpet, leather sandals, or rattan bags. Depending on your budget and your need, my tip is always be mindful when consuming. Choose artisanal works over the hysteria of mass products, look for small family shops and ateliers and i am sure you will find magical boheme.


Chasing Bohème

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