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A day trip to Monet’s House and Garden

Monet house giverny

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers - Monet

Jardin de Monet (Monet’s garden and house) is located in the city of Giverny, an hour drive from Paris. We were lucky to visit this most beautiful garden i‘ve ever seen, late September this year during Indian summer. The weather was perfect, it was sunny and warm but not too hot.

In this post, i wanted to share scenic pictures and video i snapped during my visit, what to expect when you get there and some practical information before visiting the garden during Covid 19.

A little bit about Monet

Claude Monet was a french painter, and known as a founder of French Impressionist paintings. His famous works are included Camille, Le déjeuner sur l’herbe, Poppies...

He was also known for his vast landscaping project when purchasing his home and garden at Giverny. He would purchased flowers and planted them rather freely. He would then created a vast waterlily garden and spent time painting his garden.

Jardin du monet

Monet garden

What to expect during your visit

Jardin de Monet composed of three parts : The Monet’s house, where they exhibit Monet’s works but also other artists ( like Hokusai, ...), The garden itself where you would find lovely flowers and a small farm with roosters and chickens and the Waterlily garden. All three is exquisite to visit. We were lucky to have visited short after lockdown period where they limit the number of visitors so you can actually enjoy the garden instead of bunch of people taking selfies.

There is no word to describe this garden and house other than splendid. You can take hours strolling and awed by the structure and the beautiful plants. I remember seeing the garden and feel like i was seeing a real life painting.

Monet’s house was the same, each room is finely decorated. My favorite part is of course, his bedroom with big glass-through window looking at the yard and the big kitchen with exotic tiles and copper stoves.

Monet kitchzn

Practical information

To get there, we rented a car through the site of Get Around

There is a parking nearby the house with limited slots. During this time it’s easy to find a place but i imagine it’ll be harder when pandemic would be over.

We booked our ticket in advance through the official website with specific time window.

We spotted two places where you can eat, drink or having snack and we opted for the Brasserie des artistes where we had our rosé in their lovely terrace.

Below is a video bit of my lovely one day trip that i hope you’d enjoy!


Chasing Bohème

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