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Bavaria loveliest lake, Königssee

Königssee, or king’a lake is our first destination in Bavaria. Since our time was short, we crossed out many lakes and decided to head for Königssee because it’s rated as the loveliest, deepest and cleanest and it doesn’t disappoint us.

Things that you need to know before going

1. It takes around 4 hours driving in total, back and forth. Plan your day carefully.

2. If driving with a car, look for schönau am königssee. This route will lead you straight to the Parking next to the lake.

3. During the summer, last boat departing from Konigssee is at 4.45 pm. If you want to explore the lake with the boat, make sure to arrive beforehand.

4. This route is child friendly ( i was traveling with my 7 y/o nephew and 3 y/o niece)

The pictures i took don’t even describe half of its beauty. The water is crystal clear, you can see the bottom of the lake and during the summer the water’s temperature is so good you want to jump on it. I read that the lake is the cleanest in Germany that only electrical boat is allowed.

To take the boat though, make sure that you arrive before 4.45 pm (during summer) we arrived at 4.50 and we missed the last boat! Although we were disappointed not to take ride, we spent hours walking around, sitting by the lake and breath the incredibly fresh air.

Another thing that i love from this day trip is the scenic route from Munich to Konigssee. Imagine a big road with mighty alps in front of you and dense forest in your left and right. When i saw this, i told myself “when was the last time you did things for the first time?” this short trip reminds me of the feeling i got first time i saw snow in Marseille or the first time i ran under a hot rain in Genoa. I grin a lot and i was happy to discover something new.

This trip was even more special because i did it with my husband but also my brother and his family. It’s true that happiness is real when shared ❤️

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