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Day trip from Munich to German’s highest mountain, Zugspitze

”let’s go to Zugspitze“

”zugspit what?”

”German’s highest mountain- maybe we got to see snow”


When my brother asked me to join him on a day trip to see snow during summer, i wasn’t sure. I mean.. i had my dose of cold during the never ending winter in Paris. But deep down i know it could be an amazing experience for my nephew. And so the journey begins...

For this munich day trip we rented a car from Sixt. But you can easily rent from buchbinder. The car itself costs around 60€ per day ( a mini cooper) without the insurance. Driving is easy in Germany. They have big and nice routes and of course, gorgeous cars.

Things to know before going to Zugspitze

1. If going by car, head to the town Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Once there, look for parking area near the Zugspitze Bahn. This will lead you next to train station.

2. Whether you’re taking the train from Eibsee (where the cable car to the summit is) or from Garmisch: the price is the same (58 Euros for adult). So i would suggest to ride from Garmisch to enjoy the scenic route.

3. Always check the time table. When you’re in the summit or glacier, check when is the last cable car from the glacier to summit, summit - eibsee, eibsee - back to Garmisch. The last train is around 6 pm.

4. Although visiting during summer, a good pair of shoes, jacket and gloves are recommended. When going to glacier, its snowing a lot !

5. There is a restaurant by the lake in a Eibsee and at the summit. However depending on your budget maybe it’s worthwhile to buy some food in Garmisch.

6. Bring your swimsuit (I didn’t think of it and i regret it!) You might be tempted to jump in the water at Eibsee lake.

There are so many things i love about this day trip. Thanks to this, my husband and i would love to explore more of the mountains in France. As an island girl, i always opt for the beach. But my my ! How i love the mountain sensation. You know that immediate peaceful impact - maybe it‘s the nature, maybe it’s the sound of the mountain or maybe it’s the oxygen and the fresh air.

The highlights of this trip

1. The adrenaline when entering the clouds (literally) with the cable car from Eibsee to Zugspitze summit

2. The summer snow in the Glacier

3. The Idylic Eibsee lake - i love the smell of the grilled fish by the lake and the giggles of the kids playing around the lake

4. The scenic routes

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