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Sweet escape in Hyeres

Hyères, also called as palm city is one of the french Mediterranean cities.

Our weekend in Hyères was relaxing. During three days, we explore the old town. Where we fell in love with the colour and the smell of the city. We went to Porquerolles island and walked 10km into the woods. We ate delicious fish and pasta, we laughed a lot, raised a glass or two. We were basically happy reconnecting with old friend.

To give you an idea how much a weekend in Hyères would cost :

Train ticket Paris - Hyères - Paris : 80€

Hotel : 80€/ night

Crèpe :4€

Hot chocolate : 3,5€

Restaurant : main dishes varies between 15€ - 25€

A glass of wine : 5€

Boat Hyeres- Porquerolles : 20€

If you like Mediterranean cities and wanted to visit a cute dainty Calm one, Hyères is the one. Its chic without being snob, it’s photogenic yet authentic.

bon voyage !

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