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Favorite things to do in Bali


Where :

Amed bay, Kerangasem

I love Amed bay because it has this authentic feeling. I hardly notice a luxury resort or all that westernized commercial spots. Not to mention the route to Amed is overwhelmingly beautiful, with villages, paddy fields, local children buzzing the streets.

The underwater is amazing too. In addition to all sort of colorful fishes, you can see an ancient japanese ship wreck and some buddha statues !

Nusa Penida Island

A boat trip in Nusa Penida Island is one of the highlights of trip to Bali. The beaches are a gem with dreamy coastline, white sands and turquoise water. Plus no people at sight.

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida is magical. I got to see two big Manta Rays, the feeling is overwhelming and it’s an experience you won’t forget. The corals are well preserved that it as if you’re in this giant aquarium. You will loose count on what colors of fishes you saw !


Where :


i have been doing this twice in a row in these past two years. For me, it is one of the best ways to enjoy the nature in Ubud. Ubud hosts one of the most dense tropical forests in indonesia. While rafting through this river, you will be able to see the giant trees, the sounds of nature and the sculpture made by the locals !

A lot of rafting provider can be found in Ubud but the best one remains Maison Elephant Lodge.



Where :

Campuhan Ridge Walk

If you are staying in one of my favorite hotels in Ubud, chances are you will be able to wake up early and enjoy the Ubud‘s nature. Check my choices of hotels here.

Campuhan Ridge Walk is best to be enjoyed early in the morning. It’s a light walk through paddyfields, river and a bit of forest. The walk is beautiful and relaxing. However, there is no shade to cover the heat so its best to arrive as early as you can.

Tegalalang paddy field

While it is much more touristy than the previous one, Tegalalang remains a beautiful paddy field that is worth a visit. A walk to the top is stunning at any times. There are a lot of entrance,i personally always start where there is the least tourists. So my advice is to continue walking and go down where there are less crowded.

You might want to prepare a couple of small tips between 5k Rupiah - 10k Rupiah (less than 1 Euro ) as there are quite a lot of pit stops where they ask for money in order to continue the route. Those are locals farmers that live very humbly. They take care of the paddy field and one can take care up to 3 rangs. Even if it can be quickly annoying, 50 cents is often doesn't mean grand for us but it is for them



Where :


Everytime i come to Bali, i never miss a show. It always amaze me how they preserve the traditional art and proud of it from generation to generations. My two favorite shows are located in Uluwatu temple and Pura Dalem Taman Kaja at Ubud. Recently when watching one of the cirque du soleil performances, i was wondering if the art director was inspired by Kecak dance. Kecak is danced by a group of men who chant "cak..cak..cak" while dancing. The dance is a about a hindu tale of Rama and Sinta.

Uluwatu temple is a sunset show, the temple itself is grand and naturally beautiful, located in the edge of a cliff.

Pura Dalem Taman Kaja in Ubud is located in a small street, a bit hidden from the main road. The shows starts after the sunset and the dance performed outdoor with only torch lighting and moon light. It was truly hypnotizing and i honestly love it best.



Finally, i love Ubud streets but Ubud market win my heart. i love browsing local crafts from woven bag, painted masks, silk scarfs,jewelry....most of the stalls propose same things. Like any other market in the world, you should bargain hard.

There are still a lot of other things that are enjoyable in Bali such as discovering traditional restaurants, visiting beautiful temples, enjoying Bali massage and more. But my top favorite things that i would do over and over again are the above. I will however soon share my carnet d'adresse in Bali for culinary and such.

Happy travelling !

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