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How much Bali costs us for a week


When we travel to Bali, we never look for a hostel type of accomadation nor a big chain hotel. We are always looking for something more boheme, more authentic. You can always find cheaper or more expensive options but here is an example of our general expenses. Hotels we chose are generally nice hotels with amazing review and comfort, offering descent breakfast.

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For 8 days we base ourself :

1 night in Sanur : 98 €

2 nights in Nusa Penida islands : 167 €

2 nights in Ubud : 264 €

2 nights in Nusa Dua : 132 €

Total for 8 Days 7 nights : 661€



Renting a car or a scooter is necessary if you want to be mobile. Some hotels in Ubud often offers a daily shuttle to access Ubud market and from there you can walk to many places of interes.

If you are looking hard enough, the car rental in Bali is actually affordable. The type of car they generally use is Toyata Avanza which fit 4 people. If you are traveling solo, a scooter or taxi might be a better option. However if you’re traveling as a couple or a group of friend, definitely look at this option.

Cost is roughly 30€ a day with driver and fuel included.



If you google top things to do in Bali, you would probably suggested to visit Sacred Monkey Forest, Tegalalang rice field, Mount Batur temples and so on.

as i mentioned, navigating in Bali requires a scooter or a car, definitely look for one and skip that 80€ tours.

Bali dance performance : roughly 5€

Swing Bali at Tegalagang : roughly 4€

Excursion to Nusa Penida for 4 people during 2 days with car, driver, fuel, fastboat from and to Sanur, snorkelin included : 240€



Depending where you eat, the price of a dish can vary from 3€ to 20€.

All price is usually listed outside. To enjoy balinese food, you should stop by a local small restaurant « Warung » meaning Canteen.



personally, i have a local artisan where i would buy Woven goods. But i also enjoy going to Ubud market where you can find hand painted mask, rattan bags, silk scarf, cotton clothes and so on.

Painted mask : roughly 20€

Mask wrapped with batik fabric : roughly 12€

Rattan goods : 10 to 30€

Silk scarves : roughly 8€

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