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Itinerary : Munich and Bavaria in 4 days (long weekend)

3 out of 4 German would love to choose Bavaria as a place to live.

After visiting Munich and Bavaria for a short stay, it's not hard to see why. The landscape is beyond words can describe, the architecture and patrimony is rich, the city center of Munich is vibrant.

I honestly didn't know what to expect. Germany simply never in my top list to visit. Friends go to Berlin for the party and while it tempts me, i need more reason to visit Germany. So when my brother and his family come to live in Munich for a month, i thought let's give it a shot. And my mind was blown away !

Places i visited :

  • Munich Old Town

  • Konigsee

  • Zugspitze

What to do for a long weekend ?

Munich Old Town

Munich´s most popular buildings and architectures are located in the heart of the old town, known as the city center, Marienplatz. This part of Munich is buzzing with tourists shopping, sightseeing and eating Munich specialties : sausages !


Konigsee is claimed to be the loveliest lake in Bavaria. Located in a border with Austria, 2 hours drive away from Munich, it is a must see. The water is crystals clear and the fresh air is very energizing. On top of that, the lake looks similar to a fjord as its surrounded by mountains.


Zugspitze, located in the southern part of Bavaria is the highest mountain in Germany. On the feet of the mountain lies another beautiful lake, Eibsee, where you can do water sport or even snorkeling during the summer. Zugspitze is mostly visited for its eternal snow (glacier) and for the summit, where you can watch the breathtaking views of the alps. Being as high is truly an unforgettable experience.



How to go?

We flew with AIR FRANCE from Paris - Munich, a direct flight of approximately 1 hour. Once you are in Munich, it's easy to rent a car if you want to do the trails that i did. We rented a mini cooper (because there is no bas de gamme car in Germany ;) from SIXT. But there is also a recommended local one such as BUCHBINDER.

How much?

Flight : 113 Euros round trip Paris - Munich

Hotel : 210 Euros for 4D3N

Car : 250 Euros for 2 full days - with full insurance and full tank

Cable car at Zugspitze :58 Euros per person (it's worth it)

Subway : 48 Euros

Eateries : it varies from as little as 5 Euros in Market to 15 Euros per person in a restaurant.

What i love from this trip

  • The view along the way when we're driving to Bavaria villages

  • The lakes

  • The subway system

  • The summer snow

  • The adrenaline (and also the view) when entering the cloud with Zugspitze cable car

What i less like

  • People is often rude...Maybe i'm wrong - But i thought Parisian waiter is the worst until i was in Munich. The German doesn't say Hello, Pardon, Excuse-me... Although i'm looking forward to come back and maybe experience something else.

  • SO HARD to find salad bar or a simple food with loads of veggies. It's all about sausages everywhere that i had to go to Burger King several times to get their salad.

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