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Maternity shoot in Normandie

Tak kutahu kan hari esok namun langkahku tegap. Bukan surya kuharapkan, karna surya kan lenyap.
Banyak hal tak kupahami, dalam masa menjelang. Tapi trang bagiku ini, tangan Tuhan yang pegang.

May, 15th 2022 Was the day i entered 31 weeks of my pregnancy. My pregnancy is overall a healthy and an easy pregnancy - compared to many other women. The first three months (around late November 2021 - Jan 2022) were stressful because this pregnancy is categorized as a pregnancy with risk, due to my late ectopic pregnancy. We had to do a USG scan every two weeks and I remember how we held our breath each time we were entering the waiting room. Mentally we were preparing ourselves incase i need to get picked up by an ambulance, again. I remember seeing other couples and how innocent and joyful they were.. i remember how relieved we were everytime we left the doctor appointment or every affirmation we did every night to calm my nerves.

I was particularly tired and had a nausea most of the time. I couldn’t stand the smell of garlic, couldn’t eat something too sweet, fried, meaty, saucy, well basically i only enjoyed veggies.

Then all of sudden the nausea was gone, the blood test comes positive , the chromosomes were good and we were entering a short honeymoon phase. Short, because i then catches a very bad eczema i almost went crazy…

my stomach was covered with rash, the skin around my nipples were peeling off, the smell of my skin digusted me due to the amount of oil and cream i tried. i couldn’t sleep, couldn’t rest, couldn’t take a proper shower.. it was itching so much i grinded my teeth so hard and screamed and cried, a lot. No pharmacie and doctor couldn’t give me anything until i have all the lab tests done. This was from mid march until mid of April.

Once the result is there, i found a dermatologist and finally the skin is getting better and i relive and do ANYTHING that makes me happy like treat myself.

Finally we decided to record this momentum. We dont know what will happen tomorrow but today, we choose to be happy, grateful and thankful.

I wanted the picture to be outside in the mother nature, barefoot rooting to the earth. The bonus would be to find a vast champ to give a sauvage and boheme feeling. i also wanted to have a bouquet of flowers as a symbol of a life that is blooming, and i want it to be simple and surrounded with positive energy. I got everything.

A friend recommend us to do it in the basse-Normandy.

it is shot by a very nice talented friend of mine, Tommy from @videoparis.

and a beautiful bouquet from Solene @mademoisellecoquelicot from Caen.

below is some previews and cant wait to share the full version 🤍

plus the city we stayed is absolutely splendid.

Chasing Bohème

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