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Visiting south of france

Sur la plage abandonnée
Coquillages et crustacés
Qui l'eût cru déplore la perte de l'été
Qui depuis s'en est allé - La Madrague

Although i've been living in Paris for 8 years now, Paris was not my first choice of city to live in France (ha!) I first landed in Nice before spending my first year in France in Marseille.

Although many people have their own point of view of Marseille, to me that city has made me fall in love with France.

It's the blue sky, it's the port, it's the people and the diversity, it's the nature, it's that crowded bar by the vieux port where all foreigners students met up during the hot summer, it's the petanque, it's the boat trip, it's the calanques, it's the fruits and the couscous, it's where i met my friends that became my maid of honor, best friends for life. I guess it's everything. I know for sure i wouldn't stay in France had i landed in Paris. South of France does that. It bonds people. 

Here is a chapter of my trails in other part of France.


Chasing Bohème

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