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Ciao !

"Dolce far niente"

Sweetness of doing nothing. 

Italy holds a special place in my heart. I first discovered it during winter 2012, a year after living in Europe, on a solo trip. I took a flight and landed in Rome, took a train to Florence, head to Venice and met  a bunch of people along the road. I remember asking myself, what am i doing living in France ? When i tossed a coin in Trevi fountain, as cheesy as it might sound, i promised myself to go back, to see more of Italy and i told myself the next time i come to visit Rome, it will be with my future husband. 

Fast forward, Valentine's day 2014, Sebastien, now my husband, bought me a surprise ticket for a weekend in Rome. What a coincidence, right? I remember we took a vespa ride to explore Rome, ate too many Gelatos, accidentally (or was it destined to be?) cross this Autrichian couple at least twice. They were there when we were lost trying to find the best place to eat Risotto. They were there when some birds pooped on my dress at Colosseum and they nicely stopped, handed wet tissues and helped to clean. They were also there predicted we will get married the same year. Which is by the way, we didn't know back then but we got married that summer ! (crazy story but true !)


Since then, we've been circling Italy like never before. We spent our summers eating Pizza in Napoli,  drank too many Limoncello while exploring Amalfi coast, ate the best Pasta a la Norma in Taormina, Sicily island, amazed by the steep prices everywherin the Italian riviera, had a very chic lunch in a beautiful surrounding in a Tuscan's vineyard, catched the oldest and retroest train between Puglia's cities and beaches.. Our summer was full of Italian memories, pizza, pastas and gelatos with a lot of nap in between. 

Saluti to (i'm sure) many more of Italian food in my belly and Italian cities to be explored. 


Chasing Bohème

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