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Behind chasingboheme


"La bohème, la bohème,

ça voulait dire on est heureux" - Charles Aznavour 

Hi, Welcome to Chasing Bohème  !


I'm Zefa, currently living in Paris, i was born in a metropolitan city while spending most of my childhood days nomad-ing from an island to another. 


Through my 9 years living in Paris, sun rays was among the things i miss the most. During my summer holidays, i would chase handmade goods - turquoise ceramics for one - and bring them home. It becomes something i treasure because it reminds me of sea, blue sky and warm summer breeze.


Looking at my apartment now, it fills with love and good memories - a handmade Kilim i brought from Cappadocia, woven basket from Yogyakarta, water jacinthe carpet from Borneo, vintage vases and crystals from Parisian flea market, and more...


Chasing Bohème is a journal where you will find gem i brought home from a voyage, a carnet d'adresse of city i live or visited, a thoughtful itinerary or simply a feeling i got after travelling to a country.

It is about finding joy as i walk on and i hope you would find one too when reading the journey along with me.

Thank you for your being here


A part of me

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Chasing Bohème

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