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Summer in Algarve

The human spirit needs place where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man

If someone would ask my impression about Algarve, i would definitely describe it as raw, sauvage, natural part of Portugal.

Yes some cities are overcrowded and yes more and more French people buying house and settling there. Yet, it remains charming.

Algarve portugal south

We spent around 6 days in Algarve and this is how we manage our days :

1st - 3rd day

We spent our first nights in Lagos and divided the days between exploring Lagos beaches, visiting ceramic cities in Rapoisera and Porches, exploring local market in Loulé and of course dining at Villamoura marina (not my favorite though)

Repoisera ceramics

Lagos beach

Villamoura is this buzzing city with casino. The night is alive and most of the days is spent on a private beach club or by a swimming pool. it has its charms but i prefer walking in Lagos and dining in its restaurant.

From 8 pm on ward, the best restaurants will be most likely full-booked. So in general, we would arrive early to zip for an apéro o’clock before moving to dining table.

Lagos restaurant

Lagos cute restaurant

Another memorable day trip we did from Lagos was visiting Loulé. This little town is famous for its market. Although, i found much way cheaper woven basket in Sintra, the market is filled with a lot of Portuguese products from Porto wine, Algarve honey and more.

Loulé market

Loule market portugal

4th - 5th day

The second part of our trip is on the east side of Algarve. I’ve been told that this part is more bohème, the villages are less touristic and the nature is raw.

We based ourself in Olhão, and i’m in love. Our airbnb is magical. It’s like visiting an old friend; Here we can actually unwind and just be. We would chat during breakfast with the owner, spent our morning by the pool, played with their dog, headed to the beach or nearby town and dined by the port.

It’s funny to think that this stay was the real highlight of our trip.

Olhao portugal

Tavira beaches Portugal

I can still picture on my mind the cute town, Tavira, with its little streets and delicious ice cream. This town might be the touristiest town in the east side but everyone has their space which make is enjoyable to explore.

Tavira algarve portugal

Tavira Portugal

voilà, i hope you enjoy this post about south of Portugal ! i definitely love our stay here, i can even imagine myself in a beach house somewhere between Olhão and Faro.



Chasing Bohème

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