Ya !

"Hi, Hello, Goodbye"

This greek word could be the best way to describe our experience in Santorini island. We spent around 4 days on the island that allowed us to fly in from Paris, have two full days to explore the island and head to another island the next day. 

I picked a hotel in the south of the island. After longing for summer so long, i just want to relax by the beach and not surrounded by tourists. The sand in the south is black, you have small beach clubs with day bed and parasols where you chill all day long and order drinks and finger foods. Our first day was sweet and chill. 

We the rented a car for the next two days. To eventually catch a sunset in Oia, head to the Amoudi bay early in the morning, sipped a wine in the local winery, dined in one of the best local restaurants and wandering around. 

Santorini was beautiful because it's organized and convenient, the hills are pretty, the blue domes and the white painted houses worth a postcard picture, yet i didn't feel at home. The fact that we stayed for a very short time didn't help neither. I enjoyed Santorini cause i got everything i expected but that was it. And so on the fourth day i was ready to move on and say goodbye. It is definitely the island to visit for once in a lifetime but i probably wouldn't return to spend summer there.


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