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EAT & DRINK in LIsbon :

My little adresses

" One can not think well, sleep well, love well, if One has not dined well " - Virginia Woolf

If i may add to the famous quote above, it would be something like : One definitely will not travel well, if One has not eaten well. For me, it's important to degust local's savors and find good addresses where i can eat well in a simple place - not too pretentious, something more authentic. Honestly, i didn't know what to expect apart from eating croquetas or Pasteis de Nata, because i don't know much about Portuguese cuisine. So when i discover they eat a lot of fishes, imagine how happy i am. Plus, there are a lot of new vibrant, hip places - from a renovated palace to factories, Lisbon has not disappoint. Our papille was merely spoiled - they know how to cook and more, how to pour a good cocktail. 

Santo antonio - alfama

I promise you, only by looking at my pictures here, i can still feel the perfect crisp of their homemade baked potato skin, the melted potato and the delicious-grilled fish. 

What did we have ?  home tapas, shared bruschetta, grilled sea bass each, and demi bottle of white wine

How much we paid ? around 50 Euros

Where is it ? Alfama area, Baco Sao Miguel 7

Where to eat in Lisbon
Where to eat in Lisbon Portugal
Lisbon Wine

mercado de ribeiras (time out market) - cais do sodres 

We love the concept - basically if you only have limited time in Lisbon and wanted to taste the best of Lisbon, go here. Time Out market did the job for you. They gather the best rated restaurants in one place. It's a closed-market, opens everyday. Even if you don't appreciate eating with loads of noise, buzzing discussions from your neighbors, i would definitely recommend you to at least visit this place.

What did we have ?  Fish from Sea Me, Different sort of croquetas from Croqueteria, Burger , Ice cream from Santini

How much we paid ? around 10 to 20 Euros for each plate

Where is it ? Cais do Sodres

Food market in Lisbon Portugal
Where to eat best Bacalao in Lisbon POrtugal
Where to eat croquetes in Lisbon Portugal

PALAcio chiado - chiado

For a nice dinner in Lisbon, i can't recommend enough this magical place. Like Lisbon, this renovated 18 century palace mix old and new. They keep the original fresco paintings in their ceiling and stained glass while upgrading their menu to today's taste. What's more the price is reasonable and won't break your account. 

What did we have ?  we started by the bar for apero hour to taste house's cocktails. For dinner we got this delicious bun for entree, poke bowl, grilled tuna, tiramisu and of course, wine. 

How much we paid ? around 100ish

Where is it ? Rua do Alecrim 70, Chiado district

Nice dinner in Lisbon Portugal palacio chiado
palacio chiado

LX FACTORY- Alcantara

Probably the coolest concept after the time out market. Here, you can find another great selection of Lisbon's restaurants installed in the middle of abandoned (now renovated) ancien factories. There is also a rooftop where you can get an afternoon drink and see Lisbon from the height.

What did we have ?  Tapas and wine at Rio Maravilha and pizza at A Mesa do Lx

How much we paid ? around 20 Euros for the drinks and Tapas at Rio Maravilha and around 30 Euros for the pizza and soup at A Mesa do Lx

Where is it ? Alcantara

LX FACTORY Lisbon Portugal.jpeg
Must visit in Lisbon Portugal
Coolest places in Lisbon Portugal
Top five place to visit in Lisbon Portugal
lx factory.jpg

THE BAR at the brown's central hotel 

Honestly, after experiencing Manhattan's bar in Singapore, any bars seem hard to keep up. However, my husband immediately seduced by the ambiance at The Bar at the Browns central hotel in Lisbon. Personally, i love the jazz music they played that night. While my husband was attracted by the decor, inspired by les années folles, somewhat looks like a Great Gatsby setting. Then, the bartender was so nice - although his two hands are full, he kept us entertained and gave helpful recommendation. If you look a nice place to drink - somewhere cozy, chic but casual at the same time, The Bar is the right stop. 

Best bar in Lisbon Portugal
the browns hotel lisbon cocktail.jpg
where to drink in lisbon.jpg
the bar lisbon.JPG

voila ! i hope you enjoy my little addresses in Lisbon. I've tried several other places too but i think these above are the best ones ! when tummy is full, head can think, heart can feel, and one can travel well - that's my motto ! xx




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