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What to do in Lisbon

Ola, bom dia !

Summer 2013.

 I headed to Lisbon with the man that i didn't know yet soon to be my fiancé and eventually my husband. That voyage was very special to us, not only it was the first trip together, it was a debut of our journey together. 

We found a little creek by the Setubal area, a booth of Ginja by the downtown of Lisbon and the avenue Marques Pombal where we would spent our evenings. 

Summer 2019;

This summer is special, 6 years after our trip, we decided to go back and celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in Portugal. This time we split our time between Lisbon and the Algarve coasts. Lisbon's energy enchanted us, so many things have changed since. It's a city with a mix of vintage and new, young vibes and cultural hip... and the Algarve coast is no different. Cities with Moorish identity, blue water and the white sand beaches on the island.. It's all perfectly beautiful. 

GalerY Azulejos

Chasing Bohème

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