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What to buy in Cappadocia

When i decided to visit Cappadocia, i had few expectations. I knew i would be chasing sunrise to see sky fills with hot air balloons. I knew i would wanted to ride a horse and i knew i would stay in this beautiful hotel located in Goreme. Why? because social medias highlight these experiences amongst other equally if not better ones.

What i didn't know was how rich the region it turns out. There is so much to learn, the land has preserved histories and savoir faire from centuries. Local wine and cuisine are so delicious, vintage carpets are well maintained, cave hotels are beautifuls and the nature is so remarkable. It's easy to fall in love with Cappadocia.

On my 2nd day in Cappadocia, on the route between fairy chimneys and Goreme National Park, we stopped by a cooperative Carpet making in Avanos. They greeted us warmly and guided us from one room to another, where we see women weaving carpets.

We will then ushered to a presentation room and served a cup of hot tea. I brought back home a Kilim for 160E, all handmade with 100% natural fiber.

On the same night as we strolled the street in Goreme, we found a quaint shop named Yastik boutique. I remember observing a pile of cushions, where the fabric is different from the top to the bottom. One side is a beautiful wool-patterned fabric and the other side is a silk fabric with Ikat pattern (which is a strong culture in Indonesia). It turns out the owner often travel and bring back some fabrics with him, matching it with local woven wool and makes cushions sheets from it.

Till these days, the cushions and the carpets are one my most treasured decoration at home. They bring good memories that i know i will cherish for years to come.

If you are planning a trip soon, i would suggest to include Cappadocia on your list.


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