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5 essentials things to know about Cappadocia

The weather

I went to Cappadocia beginning of May last year. While the wind was blowing high in Istanbul, the sun was shining bright in Cappadocia. So don't hesitate to bring a spf cream (cause you will need it) or that cute summer dress.

Hotel in Cappadocia

We based ourselves in Gorëme. For simple reason : It's closer to Goreme Open Air Museum and the fairy chimneys. There are two cave hotels located in the highest part of Goreme, Sultan and Mithra cave hotel. We stayed in the later and loved everything about it. One, you could see the region from the above. Meaning it's a strategic place to watch hot air balloons. The hotel has cute friendly dogs that make your stay even more enjoyable.


Goreme has atm in the main square, a couple of supermarket where you can buy snacks or utilities. You might want to bring beer from Istanbul as we didn't find any in Cappadocia.


To actually see the sky fills with hot air balloons, you should wake up at 3.30 am (ouiouioui). Cause they will land about 6 am before sun rise. Mithra is a good location because of its height, you could see the valleys and sky without any other building being on sight.

This is the only activity that we didn't do in Cappadocia. I highly suggest you to book the hot air balloon ride the first day you arrive in Cappadocia. Because if the weather doesn't permit, you can try the second day and on.. We keep this one to our last day and unfortunately it was too windy.


To explore the land, you would want a good pair of shoes. the ones that don’t hurt your feet and at the same time allow your feet to breath (cause during the day it’s summer hot) I wouldn't recommend travelling to Cappadocia with a baby. Mainly because the road is up and down (so goodbye pousette) and the heat can be overwhelming.

Chasing Bohème

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