Chasing vintage vases in Paris

As promised on my instagram, i would like to talk more about my home decor and especially where my ceramics come from. As you would guess, most of them are vintage.

Before moving to Paris, the idea of flea market, vintage objects and second hand goods is foreign to me. Where i come from, Indonesia, chasing boheme or vintage items doesn’t mean chasing a rare, historical object. It’s merely a cheaper option. No wonder, a good flea market is buzzing with (only) foreigner tourists back home.

While in Paris, a friend of mine who is passionate about antiques, would buy everything he could from an antiquaire or a flea market He would spend all of his Saturday wandering from a flea market to another. I join him times to times and i actually start to like the idea. Not only you could find a good bargain, it's a wiser option when it comes to consummation.

The side table comes from Etsy, i love almost everything this store sells.

The vase like any other vases in house comes from an antiquare in Paris 18, 48 rue Joseph de Maistre.

You can also go to flea market at Paris St Ouen at Lecuyer and Paul Bert street.

Another option is to actually check a brocante near your home. You can look here

Happy hunting !


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