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Rue Montorgueil

Looking back, i have spent most of my times in Paris in this one street. Rue Montorgueil in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris is charming and host all things french included : fromageries, boulangerie, bistrots, creperie, rotisserie, coordonier, fleuriste...

My earliest memory about this street was me as an intern dreaming to buy that 6€ frappes at Starbucks everyday like in the american films. And once i earn enough to have as many lattes and fraps as i want, i found out that i never wanted a cup anymore.

I love many things about this street ; I love how the color of the street turning from autumn light to sunny blue summer sky.

I cherish the memories created here. This particular bistro, Compas, where i used to grab a breakfast each Saturday morning to learn italian, drank spritz on Friday evening, or hot chocolate on a random morning to catch up with a friend.

I love all the parallels streets and how the commerces decorate their shops during the festive times.

Here is my carnet d’adresse for this street and around

italian food : My Little Italy

italian apéro : Mes Amis de Messina

italian take out : traiteur

boulangerie : Stohrer

Creperie : la crepe dentelle

Rotisserie : Stevenot

French food : Les Artizans

Dessert or Cake : Fou de Pattiserie

chocolate : La mère de Famille

Chasing Bohème

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